Rottne F10 with comfort line

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Rottne F10 with comfort line

#70639 I have just delivered my first new Rottne with the comfort line cabin yesterday. It is the F10 model.

How has this system been in Sweden? Do the drivers like it? Have the machines been reliable?

I've been driving the machine a little and it feels like a machine that would be really nice to drive every day.

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Re: Rottne F10 with comfort line

#70644 Hi! i have tried it on a rottne F15 and it whas nice but i dont think it is revolutionising if that word even exist :P

but it gives you a smoother ride,i havent heard so much if its reliable.. but i think you get moore answers from users who have tried it longer.

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Re: Rottne F10 with comfort line

#70747 The Comfort Line is fantastic! I woudn't trey it to a regular.
We got our F10 for about 6 month ago now and there been no trouble with the system.
There been some trouble with the transmission but it's probably settings in the D5 from the factory and we feel that the crane is too weak in the turning, wich they will fix very soon now.

But over all we are very happy with Rottne! =)

Fredrik Reuter
Hej Gäst! Jag heter Fredrik och driver denna sajt. Jag skulle gärna vilja tipsa dig om hur du kan få ut mer av skogsforum. Klicka på de knappar som passar dig här intill (minifönster öppnas).