VBU Programation

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VBU Programation

#474249 Hi,

Anyone knows how VBU is programated? Where to get the parameters?

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Re: VBU Programation

#474290 It's a hole package of program in the machine in all other units also, you need to know what package you need to have help to install.
The easiest way is to find out which program you have installed in the PC, the Terman program version is intrested to know, and start from there.
It's best to contact your local Komatu Forest workshop, as it requires a special program as well as cables to load an empty VBU.
It's not a work to do on your own.
After installation of the main program you also need to do a lot of ground settings depend of machine modell and also a lot of different settings to have the machine running.
But if it's only a broken port on the VBU the Komatus workshop can help you.
They can save the old settings and put back the hole file system back in a reman unit.
In other cases you must start up and made all adjustments from the begining, four exampel crane settings and so on.

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