Forest job

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Forest job

#318592 Hello, my name is Helmuth, i am 38 years old and i am from Austria. I am looking for a forest job in sweden. I worked many years in the austrian state forest and know how to work with a chainsaw. Maybe somebody have a job for me in the forest. Plant tree's or work with chainsaw.
Thank you!

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Re: Forest job

#318596 If you give more information I believe your chances are better.
Do you aim for a particular region or are you looking for work in all of Sweden?
Can you tell us more what kind of work you have done in the Austrian forrests? Planning, thinning, cutting small/medium/big trees, climbing? Pictures of your work will be appreciated. :smile:

If you have equipment, for example saw, protective boots and trousers, helmet, harness, that could be useful info too.

Also, learning to speak swedish will give you opportunity to reach more people who own forrest land or companies. Of course, learning a new language will not happen instantly, but if you plan to stay here for a while I would recommend working on it.

Good luck!


Re: Forest job

#318641 Hello. Thanks for you answer.

I worked in austrian state forest with chainsaw. I cut small and very big tree's. I thinning many hectars every year and plant more 1000 of young tree' every year. I worked in the austrian high mountains. I was in the forest school from 1992 - 1995. I am professional forest worker.
I have all Equipment for cutting trees. Husqvarna 357xp and Husqvarna 371 xp. I have helmet and my own clothes for forest work.
I do never climbing on trees before.
I am looking in whole sweden for a job.
I start learning swedish language now.
I am looking for a season job or full time job.

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