Workers service - Looking for operator?

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Workers service - Looking for operator?

#314220 Dear forestry companies and individuals,

My name is Henry, and work as CEO in company where we offer quality forestry workers from Estonia.

We offer workers as:
- harvester drivers
- forwarder drivers
- loggers with chainsaw

Why us?
- Time and money savings
- Get rid of payroll calculation. We will provide you an invoice for the service
- We are specialized in forestry so we know who is best worker for you
- You can find more time for your core business
- You only pay for the work done

If you are interested, please write Private Message or send an e-post to I will send you some general questions and then look forward to answers.

King regards,

Fredrik Reuter
Hej Gäst! Jag heter Fredrik och driver denna sajt. Jag skulle gärna vilja tipsa dig om hur du kan få ut mer av skogsforum. Klicka på de knappar som passar dig här intill (minifönster öppnas).