Im looking for work as a handworker...

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Im looking for work as a handworker...

#286743 Hello everyone,

Im looking for work as a general farm worker, helper on the farm, handworker, forestry worker, etc - any kind of physical work is welcome.

Im 26 years old from Poland, I do not drink, do not smoke, I am quiet, honest, hardworking person. I do not have a driving license but I can perform all work at harvest, animals, cleaning, chopping wood, etc.

I can work even 6-7 days per week, 10-12h per day and I dont expect big earnings at the beginning but You need to provide accommodation and food, because I dont have money to go to the foreign country, rent a room, pay for everything, etc... - so I prefer the offer from the owners of private farms who can provide me accommodation and food.

I can take a job immediately, both short (2-3 months) period of time or much longer - over 3 months.

All interested please contact me for further details, I really need this job so I will be very grateful for any proposal. If You have any questions just write to me at:


Fredrik Reuter
Hej Gäst! Jag heter Fredrik och driver denna sajt. Jag skulle gärna vilja tipsa dig om hur du kan få ut mer av skogsforum. Klicka på de knappar som passar dig här intill (minifönster öppnas).
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