New Swedish company, need help to understand the market

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Re: New Swedish company, need help to understand the market

SkogsGotte skrev:Of course many of us dont want any more competition, because then we will never be able to get better price/ha....

And as what palms wrote earlier, is that some companies from outside of sweden comes here and lower the prices so much so we cant afford to work...

But as long as its a serious company then there is no problem....

If it wouldnt have been for the problems in the world finace then there wouldnt have been any problems to find work but this year its pretty difficult.... very many new companies have started this year and the old companies have much easier to keep their workers from last year and so on....

Good luck with the jobsearch :) (as long as you dont work to close to umea) :P

btw my english is terrible but i know that!

Hi! And thanks for your answer...
Your English is good!
We really just want to work and don't cheat anybody, don't lie or abuse...
We just want to get a chance to prove ourselves and to do our job as good as possible so everybody is content...
And I believe in very open and hospitable Your country we are able to do it.
We will see, but we are positive and i have to tell you that things are moving forward :) And this is a good news...
All the best, and i hope you will invite me one day so our companies can work together...
Here in Sweden I believe is room for every company who want to do a good job and have a good attitude.

Fredrik Reuter
Hej Gäst! Jag heter Fredrik och driver denna sajt. Jag skulle gärna vilja tipsa dig om hur du kan få ut mer av skogsforum. Klicka på de knappar som passar dig här intill (minifönster öppnas).
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