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windows spotlight not working

Postat: tor 06 sep 2018, 09:24
av Akshay Kumar
I am facing an issue related to windows spotlight for the lock screen. It is not displaying the image at the spotlight or any other search engine I'm just able to see the image from picture mode.

Windows Spotlight was working a few days back. I'm not a Tech Guy, please help me with the solution.

Re: windows spotlight not working

Postat: tor 06 sep 2018, 14:40
av JörgenO
My advice is for you to try a relevant forum that deals with such questions.
If that doesn't work, you might want to try the new 445 II e-series 13 inch X-CUT to adjust hard ware related problems.
Good luck!

Re: windows spotlight not working

Postat: mån 10 sep 2018, 17:00
av silpa
I think you can try Re-register Spotlight Application method I have resolved this issue by following these steps.
1. Press Windows + S
2. Type “settings” in the dialogue box
3. Select Personalization
4. select Lock Screen
5. select “Picture” from the drop-down menu
6. Now, select Windows Spotlight
7. Exit the settings & restart your computer.

I hope these steps will work for you. If still, you face any type of issues then check this they are explaining it more clearly with pictures.