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Mini Bruunett 578 difflock problem

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Mini Bruunett 578 difflock problem

#225476 Hi i,m new to the forum, I have a Mini Bruunett 578 that is a bit of a wreak, it was was sunk in a bog and if i could rescue it i could have it, when i got it back to my workshop i found that the reverse gears were broken so i dismantled the gearbox and replaced the reverse gears that were broken. Now the problem i have is the difflocks, there is no switch or valve to make the difflocks work and i do not know where the hydraulic feed comes from, there are no pipes or valves. Also found out today that it has a Case d268 4.4L 85hp engine fitted.Cheers Mark.

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Re: Mini Bruunett 578 difflock problem

#227046 Hi mark !
If it's simular like the 678. And i think it is.The pressure should come from the servo oil that manouvers the valves for control of the grapple loader.

Around 30 bars I think. I can get you the precise value if it's necessary for you.
It is a very simple construction. Servo pressure on the little plunger and the diff locks. Realese pressure and it goes of. .
My wa s not working . I just took it apart . Cleaned the valved in the difflock lid. Polished the little piston with scootsbrite. And re mounted. Bleed for air. And full functionality. But the wheels must turn maybe a rev or 2 before it engages.
You can also adjust it with the 2nuts on each side of the diffhousing. Loosing on one side and tighten on the other . Moves the whole diff lock mechanism closer or further from engagement. Let me know If you need pics. Think I have som real life photo of my dismantled diffs.
Where in the world are you located?

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