The TMC application is not starting

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The TMC application is not starting

#365052 Hello everyone,

I just bought a TJ 1270D, year 2004.

I´m having this issue when i start my Timbermatic 300: "The TMC application is not starting", anyone have experienced this?
I cant´t open the TMC window, even when, inside the Timbermatic 300 i go to external, nothing appears. i think my TMC version is 1.1.

Happy new year everyone and thanks in advance.

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Re: The TMC application is not starting

#365085 Thanks Emanuel!
I guess TMC has a separate session and shares screen with timbermatic. Something seems to be wrong with the TMC computer.

If @simba has time left maybe he can help.

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Re: The TMC application is not starting

#365304 -start computer,do not start T300
-mouse deskboard left down,right click
-Look for file T300,click to open
-look for file "persistent storage",mouse on file,rightclick,choose "rename" and print ex "persistent storage 1"
-mouse on a free spot,left klic
-go back to desktop,start T300,TMC should now start
-choose driver "fast"
-look in tmc,find a wiew with many round things,keylock is now open,now you got to find a place where you shoueld enter the last of machins ch no (sorry i dont remember the 3 letters that is name ,it isnot PMP,but just look for the right place.
-look for 1270D in a new window,then press ok
-check that the (x) are in correct windows,ex stairs
-the keylock will close when you shut down computer
-go back and choose correct driver
-now it should be back to business :mrgreen:


Re: The TMC application is not starting

#365327 Thank you Frederik and Simba.
During the day i received help from the company that sold me the machine.
I had to install the latest version of the Timbermatic and delete all the backups and old files.
This solved my problem, but created a new one, and the new problem it will make me start to work with SILVIA software, and i can´t even find the owner manual to for me to have some light. Any clue?

Thank you everyone


Re: The TMC application is not starting

#492367 I need this installation files for timbermatic! can any nice soul send me this? spellthis at g maiil i can not get my tmc to work.

Fredrik Reuter
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