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Off road electric skateboard wheels you should know

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Off road electric skateboard wheels you should know

#710563 We already know the Urethane wheels which are very common among the esk8 community. There are still some more types of wheels that you may want to read about to know what you really need.

Off-road Urethane wheels

One type of off-road wheel is the hybrid urethane wheel. This type of wheel is suitable for riders who are more often on the street and sometimes off-road. The hybrid urethane wheel is large, rounded, and has a tread texture. In this category, you can find outstanding 2 models which are Cloud Wheels and MBS wheels on the market. However, it is advisable to use pneumatic or honeycomb wheels if you want a better performance when riding off-road.

Let me take a few words to talk about one of my favorite blogs about electric skateboard here which is called eSkateBuddy (here is the link to the blog page: https://eskatebuddy.com/). I love it since it has all the information I need and I really love the design of this website, it is very user-friendly. I love that, you should try it, too.

Pneumatic tires

Pneumatic tires have a structure quite similar to a bicycle or motorcycle wheel but in a smaller size. The structure will include a shell made of rubber and have an air duct inside. This is the wheel of choice for most terrain riders because of their ability to absorb the shock of uneven terrain.

Thicker tires produce more traction. One benefit that I absolutely love about Pneumatic tires is that they allow us to adjust the hardness of the wheel. For uneven terrain, you need soft wheels, so leave little air in the wheels. If you like hard wheels then add more air.

However, it also has annoying downsides. For example, the tire must be adjusted accordingly; if you overfill, it will pop. In addition, the wheels are also prone to pinch flat due to hitting sharp objects such as spikes or nails on the way.

Honeycomb tires

Honeycomb tires are great for off-road driving. These tires are made from solid rubber and have holes through them that look like honeycombs.


They are quite durable, you will never get a flat tire.
They have the ability to absorb shocks from rocks and objects on the ground, giving you the smoothest ride.


Quite heavy because the amount of rubber used is more than pneumatic tires.

Where to buy electric skateboard wheels?

If you do not know where to buy them, I will guide you to buy electric skateboard wheels here. With the development of current technology, with just one smartphone, you can find a lot of information about this product, but this is also how scammers take advantage. I recommend going directly to the retail electric skateboard accessories store to physically check and buy. I don't recommend buying at the mall because the wheel there is most likely trash.

See more instructions for buying some products related to electric skateboards at the category: https://eskatebuddy.com/category/buying-guide

You can also check out the blogs below, I bought the products they recommend, they are all genuine products and work very well for a long time.

e-skateboarder: I am really impressed with their articles, very detailed and easy to understand. I bought a deck here last year, it works really well.

eSkateBuddy: This seems to be a new site as I see few articles but their articles are very in-depth on electric skateboards. Their articles are few, but the content is very good. Perhaps they spent so much time composing the content that they forgot about the quantity. Surely they will increase the number of posts in the future. Follow eSkateBuddy on steemit: https://steemit.com/@eskatebuddy

eSkateHub: This website has a lot of articles reviewing good electric skateboard products. Just like the 2 websites above, they introduce very quality and genuine products. You should try them all.

Alright, and I think by now you have understood a bit about the types of electric skateboard wheels that are currently on the market. And if you have any questions and information you would like me to cover, let me know in the comments. Good luck and have fun with your electric skateboard!

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