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Re: Skriva tillägg på slutavverkningskontrak

Postat: ons 04 feb 2015, 18:48
av Mangan
Om jag förstod studien rätt, så spelade det ingen roll om det var sommar eller vinteravverkning heller.

"Stump treatment
at final felling has been suggested and, when
tested in simulations, believed to be profitable
(Thor et al. 2006). The results from this study do
<not support the recommendation to treat stumps
at final fellings, however it does not provide any
indisputable proof for the opposite either. It seems
necessary to sound a cautionary note to those
who believe that treating stumps at final felling
is the solution to every situation. In stands with
infection already present at final felling, treating
stumps can be questionable, but in stands that are
more or less free of infection, stump treatment
may be a way of reducing the build-up of infection
in subsequent rotations. The amount of decay
needed in order to regard the stand as ‘healthy’
still, however, needs to be defined."

Notera att det var rätt mycket röta genomgående, upp till 30% av grundytan.