K Wood chipper RP200

Inlagd av: Thomas Show tis 31 okt 2017, 08:44
The RED DRAGON RP-200, the largest chipper
with a maximum cutting diameter of up to 17 cm in
diameter and the highest capacity, comes in two
versions: 6 knive (3 pairs of knives, longer chips, 18 to
30 cm) and 8 knives (4 pairs of knives, shorter chips,
15 to 25 cm). The device is driven by a power
transmission shaft which should be equipped with
an overload clutch. The shredder has a safety switch
for connection to the emergency stop/safety module
in the tractor, folding hopper and pin/ball hook. It is
recommended to use certified power transmission
shafts to protect the tractor and the shredder in case
of overload (loading too thick or hard material).


Contact: sales@remetcnc.com
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