Timberjack 1410B TMC Lightning

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Timberjack 1410B TMC Lightning

#348530 Hi,

I'm having a problem with my TMC illumination, some times it have light, and sometimes doesn't, sometimes I'm working and it lights up, and a few moments later turns off, have anyone experienced this problem?

Best regards

Komatsu Cat

Re: Timberjack 1410B TMC Lightning

#348532 Hi,
I hope that we can solve this problem together.
I think there are strip lights (flourescents) as a back light for these screens, and I think it´s pretty common that there are problems with them as well. Some of our members have written that they can be replaced by new ones but yours seems to have a glitch.
I should dissasemble the TMC and look for glitches in the cables that supply the strip lights, maybe you can find some suspicious part and fix that, otherwise I think that new strip lights can be ordered as spare parts.

I hope someone with more experience can join this topic.

Good Luck!


Re: Timberjack 1410B TMC Lightning

#350877 Hi,

The problem is solved.

It was the CCFL light that died, i considered buying a new LCD screen (SHARP) but i was only able to find it in China, so i bought the CCFL light from USA, its very easy to repair, i bougth 2 extra lights (white color), if anyone needs one light just let me know.

Best regards for all of you and thank you


Re: Timberjack 1410B TMC Lightning

#350878 BTW, JD doens´t sell spare parts for the TMC Screen, only the complete screen.
Spare parts for the LCD can be found on ebay.


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