kockum KL 836

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kockum KL 836

#127448 Hi

Short time ago i did buy a Kockum KL 836, build 1969. A very fine machine i a good shape. I'm planning to use the summer to rebuid the machine and therefore i need a technical manual. Is there anybody in this forum that can help me, or tell me where to find a manual

I need to have the machne finished for the forest next winter :lol:

Best regards

Søren Laursen, Denmark

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Re: kockum KL 836

#127452 Hello

Here you've got an instruction manual for the kockum.


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Re: kockum KL 836

#127739 Thank you so much for the information regarding instructions manual. I will upload some photos of my mashine later.

Kind Regards
Søren Laursen :grin:

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Re: kockum KL 836

#147113 Hi,

I have been working on my Kockum KL 836 all summer, and it's now almost ready for the forrest. :lol:

I do have a problem regarding the oildrives in the rear. I don't have any power in the oildrive. If I activate the oildrive on flat ground with no load on the machine, nothing happens.... :cry: ....How much power should I expect ?? :geek:

I did test the main pump. 170 Bar of pressure and approx 90-100 L/min, it seems to be ok. :P

I also did open the oildrive and it looks very nice inside...no signs of wear og no scractes

Now my question is...How do I test the oil drive ??? and what shoud I expect ??

Thank you very much

Best regards

Søren Laursen, Skanderborg Danmark


Re: kockum KL 836

#147148 Hi Søren!

As you are from Denmark I presume you read Swedish without big problems. In that case there is some about the rear drive in this rather long thread: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=3142&st=0&sk=t&sd=a#p33557

There maybe more threads about this, do a search for "836" and I believe you'll find most of what's written about it here.


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